ACCU-Sharp Model 605 Spin & Relief & Bedknife Grinder

Available from £19,495.00

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The ALL New ACCU-Sharp 605 is the newest addition to Foley Company's "Auto-Index Relief" family of automatic reel grinders.


If you want the "auto-index" relief system, but don't quite have the budget for our tabletop style units, this machine provides all the options you need. Not only does the ACCU-Sharp spin and relief grind but with the additional bedknife kit, you can do Bed-Knives as well.


Many customers will budget for this unit with the bed-knife attachment kit one year, and then budget for a bed-knife grinder at a later date. Whatever your situation may be, the ACCU-Sharp meets your automatic reel grinding needs at the most economical cost.

Positive, Vertical, Horizontal Reel
Positive, Vertical, Horizontal Reel

POSITIVE, VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL REEL adjustments allows for easy alignment of the reel in the machine so the carriage travels perfectly parallel to reel.

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Dial Indicator Set-Up Gauge
Dial Indicator Set-Up Gauge

DIAL INDICATOR SET-UP GAUGE aligns reels within accuracy of .001”, establishing the cylindrical quality of the reel before grinding.

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Maintenance free ELECTROMAGNETIC TRAVERSING SWITCHES are easily adjustable to control the travel length of the grinding carriage.

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Accessible Control Panel
Accessible Control Panel

ACCESSIBLE CONTROL PANEL with independent switches for grinding motor, carriage traverse with variable speed control, spin drive with variable speed control, spin/relief selector, variable torque for the “automaticindex” relief process, and a safety stop button.

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SINGLE POINT INFEED and a Patented Relief Indexing System allows for exact positioning of the grinding wheel and calibrated metal removal. The detachable “Auto-Index” relief finger assembly makes the transition from spin to relief easy and efficient.

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Adjustable Reel Clamping Mechanisms
Adjustable Reel Clamping Mechanisms

ADJUSTABLE REEL CLAMPING MECHANISMS: Dual V-blocks on a rear bar allows for easy placement of the cutting head, as overhead arms and chain vice clamps rigidly secures the reel.

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 Weight: 1350 pounds (612kg) Width 108” (274cm)
 Depth: 82” (208cm)
 Height: 85” (216cm)

 Power: 220v, 50/60 cycle, single phase.
 Reel Lift: 400 pound (180kg) Capacity.
 Grinding Wheel: 6” x 3/4” straight (152mm x 19mm) Spin wheel

                              6” x 3/8” straight (152mm x 9 5mm) Relief wheel

 Grinder Motor: 3/4 HP fully rated 220V, 50/60 cycle, totally enclosed motor operating at 2850/3450 rpm.

 Spin Motor: 1/4 HP Variable speed DC Motor Carriage Travel 44” (112cm).


Standard Features

 6” x 3/4” Straight grinding wheel for spin grinding.
 6” x 3/8” Straight grinding wheel for relief grinding.
 Quick disconnect Patented “Auto-Index” relief mechanism • Dial Indicator Alignment Gauge for proper set-up.
 Centers for reel or bedknife holding.
 Upper mower support holding rods with extensions.
 Dust collector trough.
 Analytically engineered, welded steel frame. 

Optional Equipment

 Bedknife Grinding Kit.
 Walking Greensmower Bracket.
 Special centers kit.
 Set-up gauge extension rod.
 Ground drive mounting adapters. 

Download the full specification