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Turf Screen

Enhanced Solar Protection
Turf Screen

Application Rates

Golf and General Turf

24 to 48 ml per 100m2 every 7 Days


40 to 80 ml every 14 Days
Tees / Fairways 

32 to 40 ml every 14 Days

Rough / Bunkers 

16 to 32 ml every 14 to 21 Days

Turf Screen with ESP (Enhanced Solar Protection) blocks up to 76% of harmful UVB rays.


Turf Screen™, from Turf Max, LLC, is a revolutionary product engineered, tested and proven to protect turf from damaging ultraviolet rays and is effective at reducing sunburn and solar stress.


Formulated with Enhanced Solar Protection, Turf Screen contains the only all-natural ingredients approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in preventing sunburn. 


Turf Screen is 100% safe on turf, 100% safe for the environment and independently verified to improve turf quality – especially during the most extreme summer conditions.




Complete UVB and solar protection

Improved turf quality

Improved turf density

Reduces water usage

Reduced turf stress and wilt

Improved secondary pathogen resistance

Improved photosynthesis via UVB reduction

Unique mode of action 


Turf Screen is a 100% safe, all natural formulation of UVB inhibitors.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients

30% Titanium dioxide

9% Zinc oxide


Turf Screen is available in 2 x 5 liter cases.


* *Check with your distributor for availability. 


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