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Fairway Injectable Soil Penetrant

Application Rates

Irrigation Injection

Apply 1 to 2 quarts per acre (3 to 5 L/ha) through the irrigation system monthly or as needed.


Fertigation Injection

Mix proportionately to liquid nutrients to apply 1 to 2 quarts per acre (3 to 5 L/ha) per month or as needed.



Apply 2 quarts per acre (5 L/ha) one week prior to overseeding. Immediately follow overseeding with a second application at 2 quarts per acre (5 L/ha). 

FWY-ISP is designed for treating water repellent areas, as well as hard to drain areas. FYW-ISP provides superior water infiltration and penetration when injected into irrigation systems or incorporated into nutrient mixes.

FWY-ISP is compatible with all conventional irrigation systems or conventional ground spray equipment. Users should follow the instructions and technical information from equipment manufacturers. 



Non-ionic, non-burning and non- toxic to all types of turf grasses 

effective in irrigation systems at concentrations as low as one part per 200,000 

Increases soil moisture and softens seed coat for better germination

Uniform moisture and nutrient coverage

Increases water in ltration and penetration

Increases nutrient ef ciency

Reduces run off and evaporation of applied water and nutrients

Money back guarantee 


FWY-ISP is a non-toxic, non-ionic, non- ammable, non-corrosive and biodegradable water base formulation of surfactants and wetting agents.


Active Ingredients

14% Non-ionic polyols

86% Water

FWY-ISP is available in 55 and 264 gallon (1000 L) recyclable containers.*


*Check with your distributor for availability. 

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