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AQM Pellet

Advanced Kelp Extract Formula

Application Rates

Use AQM Pellets at the rate of one AQM pellet per 12,000 ft2 (1,114 m2).


Treat immediately after sod has been installed. Apply every 15 to 30 days. 


OARS PS, Soil Penetrating Surfactant, is a non- toxic, biodegradable formulation of multi- branched surfactants and wetting agents and a humic acid solubilising component.


AQM Tougher Turf is a “balanced for performance” product that contains the proper ratios of cytokinins and auxins especially beneficial to root establishment, development, and growth when sprigging or sodding. 


AQM Tougher Turf provides relief from water deficit stress because of the surfactant addition for increasing transpiration capabilities of turf.



Increases root growth and mass.
Improves stress tolerance, including drought and salinity.
Provides enhanced disease tolerance. 

Enhances plant vigor and colour. 



Manage plant development.
Increase plant resistance to environmental and cultural stresses. 

Improve water availability in the rootzone. 

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