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Game Ready

Sports Turf Root Zone Surfactant
Game Ready

Application Rates

Apply 20 L per hectare every 30 days

Active Ingredients

50% Polyoxyalkylene polymers

Game Ready is available in 55, 30 and 2.5 gallon recyclable containers.*


*Check with your distributor for availability. 

Game Ready, Sports Turf Surfactant, insures your sports field can hold up to your athletes demands. Game Ready‘s multi-branched surfactant chemistry allows your soil profile to be uniform in moisture content throughout the entire root zone. 


Game Ready will combat organic acid buildup within the soil profile which is the causal agent for localised dry spots. Localised dry spots can cause not only aesthetically displeasing colour but also become a detriment to footing when turf is put under the rigors of continuous competitive play.


Cytokinins and auxins are added to increase root growth and mass, improve stress tolerance, provide enhanced disease tolerance, and enhances plant vigor. All these traits are needed so that your plant health is optimum when recovery is needed quickly following an event on your playing surfaces. 



Provides a uniform soil moisture pro le • Increases water in ltration
Reduces water usage
Combats Localised Dry Spots

Cost effective
Money back guarantee 


Game Ready Sports Turf Surfactant is a non-toxic, non-ionic, non- ammable, non- corrosive and biodegradable formulation of surfactants and wetting agents.

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