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Vibe V Greens Roller

Vibe V Roller

Everyone wants more bang for their buck, so choose a golf course greens roller with options! When you choose the True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers, you are choosing a revolutionary multi-tasking turf roller.


The True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers adjustable vibratory action allows you to roll for turf health, speed, and consistency, while also letting you vibrate in sand topdressing, remove dew, and smooth the greens after core aerification. No other greens roller gives you so many options!


Vibe V Explained

No training necessary! The True-Surface® Vibe V™ attaches directly to the mower you already own. The patented Vibe V™ consists of 3 vibrating greens rollers, custom designed to fit the following brands of triplex greens mowers:

  • Toro

  • Jacobsen

  • John Deere

  • Ransome


Don’t waste time and money on training staff members to operate new equipment when you can simply attach True-Surface®vibratory greens rollers to your existing triplex mower. True-Surface® makes greens rolling simple!

You're in Control with True Surface Roller

Select the amount of vibration you want to release into your greens with the patented Select-A-Vibe™ Dial. The Vibe V™ is the only golf course greens roller equipped with a dial allowing you to adjust your vibration level – giving you complete control of your greens. With five settings, you can select the EXACT vibration needed for your application to fit your greens:​

  • Establishing new greens

  • Regular greens rolling – at least every other day

  • Vibrating-in topdressing

  • Truing greens after aerification

  • Tournament preparation rolling

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