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Neary Technologies

We’re serious about giving you sharpening equipment that combines best-quality features with proven value. Take a look at the products available from Neary Technologies, and find the one that meets your budget and performance requirements.

The Neary range is now discontinued.

Please see the Foley page for the new, updated products.

Neary 555 SRI Reel Grinder

Neary Technologies reel grinders combine the two most desirable features in the grinding business: spin and relief grinding systems. Choose one of the models listed here for more details and specifications.

Neary 277 Bedknife Grinder

Neary Technologies bedknife grinders offer fantastic results and are designed to meet limited budgets, whilst providing exceptional features as standard. 

Neary Rotary Grinder

See why the NEW 460 Automated Rotary Blade Grinder is the most innovative product to come on the market in years, perfectly suited for a high volume productive commercial blade grinder in the lawn/garden and golf industries.

Bedknife facing tool, height/groomer gauges, lapping compound and more: Foley United has the premium accessories you need to maintain the optimum cut quality of your machine.

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