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First of the new Neary 555 SRI Grinders in the UK, Brings Cheshire Turf Machinery into Sharp Relief

Stockport based Cheshire Turf Machinery Ltd can get down to some serious relief grinding now they have installed a Neary 555 SRI professional grinder, complete with workstation tail lift – the first of its kind in the UK.

The new addition from the Neary stable raises the standard of table-top style grinders to a different level. It delivers the quality of spin expected of a Neary grinder and provides professional relief grinding with automatic blade indexing to make the job even easier.

What sets the Neary 555 SRI apart from similar machines is the integrated relief grinding facility. Not only is this excellent value for money grinder incredibly easy to set up, it is the simplest machine on the market to use. It has a fast, efficient action for spin grinding and delivers an even sharper, longer lasting relief angle on all professional mower blades.

Director of the TORO dealership Mark Woodward knows how important it is to return the cylinder blades back to manufacturers specification. All TORO professional mowers leave the factory with relief ground cylinders and most mower servicing contracts include a requirement for relief ground edges. “We are sharpening more than 2000 cylinders annually, from all different sports, all demanding the highest standard. Football clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool as well as many prestigious golf clubs and local authorities come to us because we deliver excellent technical support. The new Neary relief grinder is part of our continuing strategy for improving the services we offer.”

Foley and Neary grinders are synonymous with quality, performance and high specification. But not everyone knows you can have Foley/Neary top of the range performance at a price that suits your budget and be as simple to operate as your current spin grinder.

The success of the Foley grinders worldwide delivers the Accu-Sharp 605 and Neary 181 Spin/Relief and combined Bed knife grinder from as little as £15,995.00.

The latest Foley United and Neary Technology range of professional grinders bring speed and simplicity of setup, to add to the already superb quality of build and reliability of operation. The Foley range includes the new flagship fully automated and computerised models such as the Accu-Master 653/633 spin and relief grinders and Accu-Sharp 673/672 Bed knife grinders. Whereas the Neary range is topped by the super quick and super simple to use 555 SRI spin/relief grinder and the 277 semi-automatic Bed knife grinders.

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