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Neary 555 SRI Spin & Relief Grinder

This model is now discontinued, and has been replaced by the Foley 622 ACCU-Spin

Model 555 SRI Spin & Relief Grinder Demonstration video

We’re raising the standard of table-top style grinders with the all-new Model 555 SRI. It has the flexibility and speed to meet all of your reel maintenance needs.


No need to set up the reel again in a different machine or secure an attachment to complete the grinding task: the 555 SRI does the entire job with just one setup, saving you time and money in the process.


All new features include Automatic Blade Indexing during the relief grinding process, integrally engineered and welded steel frame, standard safety guarding, variable speed traverse and spin speed and new counter-balanced spin & relief drive motor.


The operator enjoys fast production and high-quality results every single time.


Overall: 77” long x 49” wide x70” high 

Shipping: 86” long x 62” wide x 77” high ,237 cubic feet

Weight: 1450lbs (657kg)  

Power: 220 volts, 60/50 hertz, single phase, 20 amp circuit

Grinding Wheel: Spin: 6” OD x 2.75” ID x 1.5” thick 46 grittype 1

                              Relief: 6” OD x 2.75” ID x .375” thick 24 grit type 1

GrindingMotors: 1 HP 3450/2875 RPM


Standard Features

Frame Design: Integrally engineered & welded, safety guarding standard. 

Controls: Automatic travel, variable length, variable speed, manual infeed, dual handle wheels, digital scales, automatic spin grinding, variable relief torque. 

Grinding Shaft: Engineered alloy precision ground 2.375 diameter.

Set Up: Multi-position brackets for support by frame of cutting unit, ”V”brackets for support by front roller Rear Roller Quick Clamp®.

Diamond Dresser: Rapid mount quick adjust.

Tools: Operators manual, diamond dresser, multi-position brackets, front roller brackets, alignment gauge bracket.

Alignment:  Digital horizontal alignment gauge and taper checker.


Optional Equipment

The Work station: Is not only used to transfer cutting units into the reel grinder, itcan also be used as a mobile work bench.

Loading Boom: Can be either manual or electric lift. 

Download the full specification

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