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Other Products

Get the premium accessory products you need to compliment your machinery and maintain that optimum cut quality. Just browse additional Neary Technologies products below:

The Model 290 Bedknife facer makes facing the front edge of bedknifes easier and faster than ever. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Accurate to .001 of an inch, the Neary Technologies Height Gauge will accurately set the height-of-cut on all precision cutting units to create the precise settings you want with your equipment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Specially formulated to backlap your reels faster and sharper than ever before, our patented Diamonite and Razor-Sharp lapping compounds are made of a water soluble gel that clings to blades better and cleans up faster. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Ideal for a quick touch up of all your reel mowers between major sharpening, the Model 300 Back Lapper from Neary Technologies quickly sharpens and hones your reels and bed knives for a fine cutting edge. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Neary Technologies understands what it takes to do your job - that’s why we created the WorkStation. Setting heights of cut, making adjustments, and doing other reel work is much easier when the units are off the ground and at a friendly working height. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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