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The Work Station

Neary Technologies understands what it takes to do your job - that’s why we created the WorkStation.


Setting heights of cut, making adjustments, and doing other reel work is much easier when the units are off the ground and at a friendly working height.


This portable workstation doubles as a workbench to do repair or assembly work on engines, trimmers and other golf course accessories. It can also be used to lift and transfer walkers and other cutting units into a grinding machine.


Use it as a lift for reels for easy placement on a grinder, or set it up for trimmer and chain saw repair. Whatever needs to get done, the Workstation always makes it easier.

Specifications and Features

Heavy-duty all steel construction for easy maneuvering.

Transport carriage with 4” (10 cm) diameter castor wheels.

44.5” (113 cm) wide x 25” (63 cm) deep skid resistant steel lifting platform.

39.5” (100 cm) working height capability

400 lbs. (180 kg) lifting capacity.

Anti Roll-off mechanism.

Floor stop device to prevent movement once platform has been raised.

Docking feature with reel grinder.

12V Re-chargeable Sealed Power System. 

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