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The ACCU-Spin 622 is the latest from Foley Company.
The ACCU-Spin 622 SO is the base model, giving you a quality “Spin-Only” machine. Between Foley’s unique Rear Roller Mounting system and Automated Infeeds, touch-off spin grinding has never been more accurate or productive.


ACCU-Spin 622 SO/SG/SGR Offers:

Live Shaft Spin Hub design effectively and efficiently produces a sharp edge in short order.

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Patented Rear Roller Mounting System locates the rear roller, minimising issues that can arise when locating the reel by the front roller.

LED Gauging System gives the operator an easy visual adjustment process ensuring 

 the removal of taper and a perfect cylindrical grind everytime. (Model 622 SG)


Patented Auto-Index Relief Hub maximizes the performance of the grinder and provides the final step in returning the reelto OEM specification. (Model 622 SGR)

ACCU-Spin 622 SO/SG/SGR Demonstration Video 
622 Traverse
622 Traverse

Live Shaft Spin Hub and Traverse System. The 1.5 inch grinding wheel moves smoothly on a polished steel shaft. Easy-to-change brass wear pads, and a locking belt lever make operation easy, reliable, and inexpensive to maintain. Carriage travels along polished chrome rails providing smooth grinding cycles and a perfect grind everytime.

622 LED Gauging System
622 LED Gauging System

LED GAUGING SYSTEM (OPTIONAL). Removing taper and cone-shape is easy with the LED gauging system and with easy visual adjustments, a perfect cylindrical grind is enabled when wanted or needed. (Model 622 SG)

622 Auto Index Relief Hub Assembly_sm
622 Auto Index Relief Hub Assembly_sm

AUTO-INDEX RELIEF HUB (OPTIONAL). Foley United has long been recognized for it’s labor-free, Auto-Index Relief systems. This optional feature maximizes the performance of your cutting equipment investments and frees the technician while the machine does the work. (Model 622 SGR)

622 Infeed Wheel_sm
622 Infeed Wheel_sm

DUAL INFEED HANDWHEELS. Handwheels can be used for setting up the reel using the “Touch-off” Process or upgrading to the gauge. Motors located on the infeed handwheels provide smooth, incremental movements using the pendant or in auto mode.

622 Front Roller Mount_sm
622 Front Roller Mount_sm

SINGLE FRONT ROLLER CLAMP. Unique single front roller clamp is adjustable to accommodate various roller and groomers. The column moves up and down with a ratchet style handle to position the reel correctly for spin and relief grinding clearances.

Penant Control
Penant Control

INNOVATIVE PENDANT CONTROL. A hand-held pendant control enables a quick start to the grind process. The automated infeed program choices reduce labor, maximises productivity, and adds value to one of the most important maintenance practices that a course can do.

622 Rear Clamp_sm
622 Rear Clamp_sm

PATENTED REAR ROLLER MOUNTING SYSTEM. Set-up is simple, as an intuitive decal tells the operator where to place the rear roller blocks based on brand and diameter of the reel. Even the most inexperienced operator can keep reels sharp and make the spin grind process more accurate than ever.

622 Spin Drive_sm
622 Spin Drive_sm

COUNTER-BALANCED SPIN DRIVE. The spin drive assembly pivots and floats to attach directly to the reel drive and is easily moved from side to side. Three spline drive adapters come with the machine so connection is quick and simple.


Part #: 6220911* (622 SO) 6220921* (622 SG) 6220931* (622 SGR) 
Power: 115 volts, 50/60 hertz, single phase, 20 amp circuit
Weight: 1,275 lbs. (578 kg) 

Grinding Wheel: Spin 6" OD x 2.75" ID x 1.5" thick 46 grit type 1

                              Relief 6" OD x 2.75" ID x .375" thick 24 grit type 1

Carriage Base: 1 HP AC grinding motor, totally enclosed, fan cooled, 3450 RPM 

* Base part number is the standard machine without options and specified as 110 VAC powered. Optional accessories are specified separately as is the 220 VAC powered machines for use in countries that require it. 


Standard Features

  • Rear Roller Mounting System - Preset positioning of reel based on reel brand and diameter

  • Single Front Roller Clamp - Adjustable with a column and ratchet toothed adjustment system

  • Hand-held Pendant Control

  • Dual Infeed Handwheels with automated motors

  • Counter Balanced Spin Drive and 8, 9 and 11 Spline Reel Drive Adapters

  • Robust Frame Design - Welded-steel frame and powder coated finish

  • Traverse System - Automatic belt drive variable speed using proximity sensors cogged traverse belt with 38" travel capacity; two 1.000 +/- .00025 polished shafts; 90 Volt DC traverse motor

  • Rails - Precision ground round rails with recirculation ball bearings 

Optional Equipment

  • LED Gauging System - 6220521 (Add-on Gauging kit) if purchased separately

  • Auto-Index Relief Hub - 6220531 (Add-on Gauge & Relief kit) if purchased separately

  • Electric Overhead Hoist - Order Part #6539532

  • Rear Load Lift Station - Order Part #6210510

  • 220v to 110v Step-down Transformer 

Note: Optional Gauging & Auto-Index Relief Capability: The LED gauging system and an auto-index relief hub and electronic package can be added independently if and when wanted, allowing you to do what you want, how you want, and when you want.

Download the full specification