ACCU-Pro 661 AT & MT

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Economy bedknife grinder provides more for less…


The ACCU-Pro 661 AT and ACCU-Pro 661 MT are packed with features without breaking the budget. The 661 MT has all the same great features of the 661 AT, minus the low maintenance traverse belt and electronics for the auto-traverse (AT) function.

661 Angle Mount
661 Angle Mount

EASY ANGLE POSITIONS The easy to read permanently mounted protractor system provides the operator a fast and repeatable angle as spelled out by the manufacturer specifications for each bedknife.

661 Mag Knife Mount
661 Mag Knife Mount

MAGNETIC MOUNTING SYSTEM Utilizes industrial style permanent magnets in conjunction with center supports to provide a precision, rigid, and stress free set-up of the bedknife.

661 Grinding Head
661 Grinding Head

PRECISION GRINDING HEAD Robust grinding head features a single point infeed, a height adjuster to compensate for the variable width top face bedknives, and a 3/4 HP grinding motor that smoothly removes metal for a precise grind.

661 Flood Coolant System Base
661 Flood Coolant System Base

FLOOD COOLANT SYSTEM Flexible tube enables spray to be directed where needed. A self contained water pump system filters and recirculates the water, while flow is controlled by the operator.

661 Belt Traverse
661 Belt Traverse

BELT TRAVERSE SYSTEM Proximity sensors control the travel of the carriage as the maintenance free traverse belt drive system allows for a prefect grind everytime.

661 Diamond Dresser
661 Diamond Dresser

BUILT-IN DIAMOND DRESSER A diamond tip dresser handle flips up to dress the grinding wheel, is easily adjusted to the wear of the stone, and stores out of the way when not in use.

661 Control Pannel
661 Control Pannel

CONTROL PANEL Access to the panel is in an operator friendly location that provides variable speed for traverse, a flood coolant system, and other controls needed for quick turn-around and a precise grind everytime. (661 AT)

661 Safety Switch
661 Safety Switch

INTERLOCK SAFETY SWITCH Guard door with interlock safety switch securely ensures operation is only functional when the door is closed, keeping shop staff safe and out of harms way.

ACCU-Pro 661 Offers:

Bedknife Support Tooling uses permanent magnet to secure the bedknife.


Full Featured Grinding Head Design allows for incremental infeeds of .001" (.025 mm) as the rigid carriage makes grinding smooth and precise.


Smooth Auto-Traverse Function to traverse the grinding head automatically down the length of the bedknife on two precision rails. (661 AT)


Part #: 6610901* (661 AT) 6610921* (661 MT)
Power: 115 volts, 50/60 hertz, single phase, 15 amp circuit
Weight: 730 lbs. (331 kg) 

Grinding Wheel: 6"ODx1-1/4"IDx2" thick 46 grit type 6 

Carriage Base: ​3/4 HP AC grinding motor, totally enclosed, fan cooled, 3450 RPM

*This number denotes a 110 VAC machine. For equipment requiring 220 VAC power a different part number is required. 


Standard Features

  • Robust Frame Design - Welded-steel frame and powder coated finish

  • Traverse System - Automatic belt drive variable speed using proximity sensors (661 AT) Manual traverse on the (661 MT). Cogged traverse belt with 38" travel capacity; two 1.000 +/- .00025 polished shafts; 90 Volt DC traverse motor

  • Infeed - Manual

  • Coolant - 1 pint of flood coolant provided

  • Carriage - “V” roller carriage single point infeed with adjustable grinding wheel height

  • Rails - Precision ground round rails with recirculation ball bearings

  • Diamond Point Dresser System - Self contained dresser system

  • Bedknife Set-up - Permanent magnets with spring-loaded placement pins and centers for added support 

Optional Equipment

  •  Borazon grinding wheel for hardened bedknives - Order Part #3700696

  • 220v to 110v Step-down Transformer

  • Because Foley United is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. 

Download the full specification