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The Turf Tank One (formally the Intelligent One) from Turf Tank leads the field in autonomous line marking. The robot has been recognised for its accuracy, reliability and ease of use since it was released in 2016 and was awarded the Saltex Innovation Award in 2017.


Since then it has seen further advancements to its GPS system and software to maintain its industry-leading specification and save you time, money and resources.




The robots unrivalled accuracy comes from the base station which gives reliable positioning within +/- 1cm, which outperforms all competing solutions on the market. Turf Tank is the only company to provide an optional base station which allows the machine to be operated without a costly annual subscription and without cellular or real-time kinematic (RTK) connectivity and coverage. Using the closed system means the machine can be used anywhere with unprecedented reliability whilst matching the marking speed of every robotic line marker on the market.


The accuracy of markings is millimetric and makes overmarking lines quick and easy with no external signal factors able to impact the performance. The Turf Tank One comes with several pre-loaded templates including UEFA regulation football pitches, NFL pitches, track and field marking, rugby union and league, lacrosse and customisable grids, shapes, and tracks. Customers can also request custom templates from Turf Tank which can be made within a short timeframe ready for use.


Turf Tank One

Turf Tank One

Turf Tank One
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