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Sky Blue Plus

Concentrated Blue Spray Pattern Indicator

Sky Blue Plus is a concentrated blue liquid colorant designed to be used with pesticide, fertiliser and/or plant growth regulator tank mixes. Use Sky Blue Plus to mark chemical spray solutions on golf courses, turf, nursery and commercial applications. 


Sky Blue Plus provides visual assurance that spray solutions are uniformly applied, with minimum overlap and no skipped areas. 


Sky Blue Plus helps indicate improper equipment operation by immediately alerting the operator to line and/or connection leaks and clogged nozzles. Sky Blue Plus‘ colour will dissipate in sunlight and washes off with soap and water.



Application Rates

Boom Sprayers

For greens and short cut fairways apply 1.2-1.7 L per hectare. For longer cut fairways and roughs apply 1.7-2.36 L per hectare.


Broadcast and Handgun Applications

For high volume applications of  >8 L per 100 m2apply 1.7-2.3 L per hectare. For low volume applications of 4-8 L per 100 m2 apply 1.2-1.7 L per hectare.


Back Pack Sprayers

For spot spraying or small area coverage with a mini boom use 4-8 ml per L of spray solution.

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