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Oars Pellet

Organic Acid Redistribution System
OARS Pellet

OARS Pellets:

Provide uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix.

Reduces humic substance coatings on sand soil particles.

Deals with the cause of water repellency.

Application Rates

Apply when hand watering.

Apply OARS at 6-7 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. in 2 gallons of water. For best results, apply monthly through- out the growing season. No water-in is required when used at recommended rates. 

OARS is the corrective approach to remove the build-up of organic acids that coat the surface of sand particle which cause water repellency and localised dry spot conditions.

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Surfactants - A Management Approach

The application of surfactants is a valuable tool used by golf course superintendents to temporarily alleviate symptoms of water-repellency. Soil surfactant molecules are attracted to the water-repellent (non-polar) coatings on soil surfaces.


Surfactant molecules attach to these coatings and create sites where water can attach to the soil surface (adhesion). Re- establishment of water attachment sites on soil particles pro- motes the uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix and improves the amount of available water to meet transpirational and metabolic demands of the turfgrass. 


OARS - Organic Acid Redistribution System - with 30 day Hydrating Surfactant is a non-toxic, non-ionic, non- ammable, non- corrosive and biodegradable formulation of surfactants and an organic solvent.


Active Ingredients:

80% Polyoxyalkylene polymers 10% Potassium salt of alkyl

substituted maleic acid

OARS is available in 55, 30 and 2.5 gallon recyclable containers*.


*Check with your distributor for availability. 

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