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Model 905 Rotary Blade Grinder

This model is now discontinued, and has been replaced by the Foley 465 Automated Rotary Grinder

Meet the NEW 905 Automated Rotary Blade Grinder - one of the most innovative products for the turf industry from Neary Technologies.


For maximum performance, OEMs recommend grinding blades every eight to ten hours of use. The 905 Automated Rotary Blade Grinder reduces labor, cuts operating costs, and provides the best possible grind for your cutting unit investment.


The unique design features automated infeed cycles and a built-in blade balancing system that makes the grinding process safer and more efficient.

Plus, operators enjoy the enclosure system that contains dust and noise, the ability to reproduce OEM grind surface, and numerous time-saving features. Take a look at the 905 to elevate performance, increase cut quality, and maximize productivity.


Part Number: 9050901
Weight: 430 lbs (195kg)

Height: 58.4” (148.3cm); 81.54” (207.1cm) door open

Width: 50” (127cm)

Depth: 38.5” (97.8cm) machine only

Power: 115 vac, 50/60 HZ, single phase, 10A
Grinding Motor: 1/2 HP TENV, 3450 RPM 50/60 HZ
Traverse Motor: 1/20 HP DC variable speed gear motor
Max. Rotary Blade Length: 34” 

Standard Features

5” (127 cm) diameter cupped grinding wheel.

Patented relief and relief radius system.

Structurally engineered steel frame.

Safety guarding standard.

Automatic grind control system. 


Optional Equipment 

Step down transformer (220v/115v)

Order part number 9050951 

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