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Model 440 Rotary Blade Grinder

This model is now discontinued, and has been replaced by the Foley 450 Rotary Blade Grinder

The rugged Neary Model 440 Rotary Blade Grinder is designed to handle all rotary blades on the market. It really is the quickest, most efficient way to sharpen and hollow grind your rotary blades to any angle you desire.


Equipped with a specially formulated 1"x 8" grinding wheel, the Model 440 allows for very cool cutting at very aggressive rates. A totally enclosed 1/2 HP motor provides the necessary RPM for the highest quality grinding.


You'll also enjoy the totally enclosed cabinet, vacuum ports, and a moveable shield for maximum visibility and operator safety.

Standard Features

Grinding Wheel: 1" x 8"

Weight: 55 pounds (25kg)

Power: 115/220 volt, 60/50 Hz

Grinder Motor: 1/2 HP fully rated 115/220 volt, 50/60 cycle, single phase, 15 amp circuit


Optional Equipment 

Work station

Blade balancer

Dust collection system

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