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Neary 181 Spin & Relief Grinder 

This model is now discontinued, and has been replaced by the Foley 618 ACCU-Sharp

Affordable, sturdy, and precise. The Model 181 SRI Spin & Relief Reel Grinder features a one-piece welded frame and rigid mower mounting system, requiring a simple one-time set-up for both spin and relief grinding.  Plus the optional Bed-Knife kit for grinding Bed-Knives.


A patented relief auto-index system allows hands-free blade to blade indexing, while a precision dial indicator style alignment gauge assures a straight and true reel every time.


Overall: 67” long x 42” wide x 83 ” high (Frame is 58” high without the elevator)

Shipping: 74” long x 41” wide x 69” high, 122 cubic feet 790lbs (358Kg)

Weight: 790lbs (358Kg)

Power: 220 volts (115v optional), 50/60 hertz, single phase, 15 amp circuit  

Grinding Wheels: Spin 6” OD x 1/2” ID x 1” thick 46 grit type 1

                                Relief 6” OD x 1/2” ID x 3/8” thick 46 grit type1

Grinding Motor: 3/4 HP, totally enclosed, fan cooled, 3450 RPM

Order Number: 1810902


Standard Features

Frame Design: Structurally engineered welded-steel frame, containing
                          directional proximity sensors.

Alignment: Dial indicator gauge for horizontal/vertical adjustment within .005”.                 

Carriage: Rides on precision ground round rails design with heavy-duty dovetail infeed.

Relief System: Patented auto-index system.

Lifting Method: Pivoting hoist, 400# capacity, pivots 120 degrees includes winch.

Spin Drive: Fully position adjustable variable speed spin drive.


Optional Equipment

 Bed-Knife kit for the Model 181 enables this models to sharpen bed knives.

 Pull Gang Mounting Kit.

 Walking greens-mower mounting attachment.



Download the full specification

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