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Model 386 Hole Cutter Sharpener


Retail Price  £865.00


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This easy-to-use sharpener quickly puts a razor sharp edge on your hole cutters in a matter of seconds. This is done by simply inserting your hole cutter into the sharpener and slightly rotating it.


With a light touch, you get a microscopic honing of your hole cutter to bring it back to better than its original sharpness. Your hole cutter will be easier to use and this sharpening will prevent root damage on your greens, evident by those unsightly brown rings.


The Model 386 Hole Cutter Sharpener works equally well on 3-scallop, 4-scallop, or plain edge cutters by simply changing disk sizes. With a reversible grinding disk, it can sharpen up to 400 edges before the disk needs to be replaced.

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