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ACCU-Pro Model 672 and 673 Automated Bedknife Grinders 

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The 672 ACCU-Pro bedknife grinder, first introduced in 1997, has dominated bedknife grinder sales worldwide ever since its introduction.  


Now, the most popular bedknife grinder in the world just got better with the fully-automatic Model 673.


The Model 673 features 5 preset programmes that automatically traverse and infeed the grinding head. Select a programme and the Model 673 will start the motors, traverse, infeed, and shut down when the programme is finished.  


Both models feature auto-alignment, auto-angle positioning systems, and maintenance-free belt-traverse drive.


These features, combined with a steel reinforced hood, new control panel design, and extra storage space, add the kind of value that comes naturally with all Foley Company equipment.


Power: 220v, 50/60 cycle, Single phase, 15 amp
Weight: 820 lbs (372 kg)

Grinding Wheel: 6" (152 mm) Diameter Cupped Wheel

Carriage Base: 3/4 HP AC grinding motor 3450 RPM; Cogged traverse belt with 38" travel capacity; Two 1.000 +/- .00025 ground/polished steel shafts; 90 Volt DC traverse motor

Standard Features

 Automatic Angle Positioning.
 Automatic Alignment Positioning.
 6” (152mm) Diameter Cupped Grinding Wheel • Electro-Magnetic Bedknife Mounting System.
 Built-in Diamond Dresser.
 Self-Contained Flood Coolant System.
 Supplemental Back Up Power Supply.

 Grinding Motor Height Adjuster.

Optional Equipment

 Borazon Cup Grinding Wheel for Hardened Bed-Knives.

 Replacement Flood Coolant Additive. 

Download the full specification

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