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ACCU-Master Model 653 Spin & Relief Grinder 

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Automatic Placement features the Accu-Reel Selector and Cylinder Height Stop system that automatically locates the reel for a fast and easy spin and relief grind in one set-up.


Preset Relief Angles are easily identified on the Relief Angle Adjuster, which makes it effortless to grind the correct angles and achieve proper clearances for each reel type.

Hands-Free Relief is a key feature that has courses around the world opting for grinders that do more than just spin grind, and when reconditioning your reels to
“like-new”, Foley's patented Auto-Index relief system makes it easier than ever. 


 Part Number: 6330911
 Power: 220v, 50/60 cycle, single phase, 20 amp
 Weight: 1,530 lbs (693 kg) 

 Grinding Wheel: Spin 5" x 1" (127 mm x 25 mm)
                               Relief 5" x 3/8" (127 mm x 10 mm)
                               Spin 3.5" x 1" (89 mm x 25 mm)
                               Relief 3.5" x 3/8" (89 mm x 10 mm)

 Carriage Base: 1 HP AC grinding motor, totally enclosed, fan-cooled, 3450 RPM; Cogged traverse belt with 38" travel capacity; Two 1.000 +/- .00025 ground/polished steel shafts; 90 Volt DC traverse motor.

Standard Features

 Spin and patented hands free Auto-Index relief capability in one set-up.

 Complete surround guarding with electrically inter-locked retractable safety glass doors and rear lift gate.

 Variable SPIN Speed, TRAVERSE Speed, RELIEF Torque.

 Counter-Balanced Spin Drive and 8, 9, and 11 Spline Reel Drive Adapters.

 Automatic reel positions using the Accu-Reel Selector, Front Roller, Clamp, and Cylinder Height Stop.

 Vertical and horizontal adjuster for precise carriage position and taper removal.


Optional Equipment

 ACCU-Touch 3 Control: Automation for Spin and Relief.

 Electric Overhead Hoist for Front or Rear Load.

 Internal Vacuum System collects dust and keeps shop area clean.

 Workstation Table-Lift/Portable Workbench for rear load. 

Accu-Master Model 653 demonstration video

Download the full specification

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