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460 Automated Rotary Blade Grinder

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Take a look at the most innovative product for the Turfcare Industry: If you’re looking for a grinder that will elevate performance, increase cut quality, and raise production, then you need to see the new 460 Automated Rotary Blade Grinder.


Nothing else on the market addresses the need for a high volume, productive commercial blade grinder in the lawn/ garden and golf industries.


While grinding is recommended every eight to ten hours of use, the 460 minimizes the multiple issues associated with dull rotary blades: more stress on hydraulics, added strain on your engine, and blades aren’t sharpened regularly.


Increase safety and production
The 460’s enclosure system for dust and noise control features two grinding heads, automated infeed cycles, and a built in blade balancing system that makes the process safer and more productive than ever thought possible. Another innovative first from Foley United.


 PartNumber: 4600901
 Weight: 890 pounds (404kg)
 Height: 74” (188 cm)
 Width: 56” (142cm) doors closed, 69” (175cm) doors open

 Depth: 40” (102cm) machine only
 Power: 115vac, 50/60HZ, single phase, 15AMP
 Grinding Motors: 1/2 HP TENV, 3450 RPM 50/60 HZ (2)
 Traverse Motor: 1/20 HP DC variable speed gear motor

 Maximum Rotary Blade Length: 34”(86cm) 

Standard Features

 5” (127 mm) diameter cupped grinding wheels (2).  

 Patent pending dual head and relief radius system.

 Structurally engineered steel frame.
 Safety guarding standard.

 Automatic grind control system. 

Optional Equipment

 Step down transformer (220v/115v) order part number 4600951. 

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